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3 Safety Tips for Commuting in the Fall

By November 20, 2015January 13th, 2022No Comments

CommutinginFall.jpgEvening commutes can be dangerous in the fall. Daylight Savings has come and gone. And, as we inch toward winter, sunset occurs earlier and earlier by the day. Find out the top 3 tips for staying safe during your evening commute. 

Commuting in the fall is tricky because it gets dark so early. Whether you’re biking, taking public transportation, walking, or driving, you’ll definitely want to keep these 3 safety tips in mind during your evening commute.

1. Pay attention.
No matter what mode of transportation you are taking, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. According to the Charlotte Observer, “Moving around in traffic safely requires your full attention and critical thinking.” 

2. Be seen.
This is especially critical for pedestrians and bikers. According to Mass Transit Magazine, “Research shows a pedestrian in dark clothing will not be seen by a driver until they are 55 feet away, giving the driver less than one second of reaction time.” It’s important to wear bright colors or even sport some reflectors as you head home. While most might associate reflective gear with bike riders, there are lots of items for walkers, too, like vests and scarves. Have an extra flashlight lying around? Pack it for your evening commute; it may come in handy. Click here to scope out some of the top reflective commuting items on the market. 

3. Put your phone away.
This goes for all you commuters out there, not just bikers and drivers.Using your phone on the way to or from work is considered distracted commuting. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, which did a whole campaign on this back in the spring of 2014, explains that “Just checking that new email, sending one more text or turning up the music a little louder can take your attention from your surroundings and put you in a potentially dangerous situation, especially when at a bus stop, train station or transportation center.” Do yourself a favor and keep your phone in your pocket until you get home.

Anyone out there in Commuter Land have any other tips for evening commuting in the fall? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Commuting!