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How Carpooling Can Help You Save On Car Insurance

By July 17, 2015January 13th, 2022No Comments


We already know that carpooling to work is great for the environment and helps you save on gas costs. But, did you know what joining a company carpool can help you save on car insurance, too? Find out how and why. 

One of the many questions you’ll most likely be asked when shopping for car insurance is “How often and how far do you commute to work?” Now, why would they ask such a question? Because the more miles you drive each day, the more expensive your premium will be.

But, if you opt to carpool with coworkers, your annual mileage will go way down because now you’re not driving every day. See how it works?


But, how do I find people to carpool with?

I’m so glad you asked! There are many great services out there, like our RideMatch program that can help you find compatible carpool buddies. It even helps you figure out how to split the cost of your commute, so there won’t be any awkward conversation at the end of the ride.

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Save even more with a vanpool!

Vanpools are a great commuting alternative because:

  • They are covered under the Transit portion of the Commuter Benefit, so not only will you save on your car insurance, but you will also be able to use pre-tax money for your commute.
  • You don’t have to use your car at all! Carpoolers typically end up taking turns behind the wheel. So, you’ll probably end up driving one week a month or more. It really depends on how many people are in your carpool. But, if you use a vanpool, you all take the van to work instead of your cars.

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