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10 Ways to be Green at the Office – Part 2: Eco-Friendly Office

By April 4, 2014January 13th, 2022No Comments


GreenLiving1.jpgPractice any of our tips from our 10 Ways to Be Green at the Office – Part 1 post yet? Ready for more eco-friendly office tips? Here are 5 more easy ways to “greenify” your office.

6. Opt for reusable containers and bags for your lunch and snacks. 

Those little plastic sandwich baggies and other disposable lunch bags produce a ton of waste. And don’t forget about disposable water bottles. Yeah, they may be recyclable, but so many people just toss them out. In fact, a whopping 88% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills. Making the switch over to reusable containers, bags and water bottles is a simple way to go green that will make a huge impact.

7. Use eco-friendly office supplies.
Didn’t even know eco-friendly office supplies existed? Well, they do! Many retailers offer green product options, like refillable ink cartridges and of course, recycled paper products. But, there are lots of other cool eco-friendly supplies on the market as well. Office Depot has a whole “green” product line, including eco-friendly desk items, like scissors and staples.

8. Decorate the office with plants.
Did you know plants can help clean indoor air? I didn’t until I started writing this blog post. According to the Mother Nature Network, “Adding plants to your office cleans indoor air by reducing dust, bacteria and mold. One plant for every 3 people improves air quality.”

9. End the paper trail.
Printing and making photocopies aren’t the only way companies waste paper. Subscribing to print versions of newspapers, magazines, journals, etc., also takes a toll on the environment. Your office can help by switching to online media instead of the paper version of these items. Also, stop giving out hard copies of company documents, like employee handbooks and meeting agendas. Just put these all online where employees can access them anytime they want.

10. Reuse stuff when you can.
Offices are full of items you can use again and again. For example, the boxes you receive supplies in can be used again when you need to ship something out. You can also reuse packing materials. Instead of tossing file folders when you’re done with them, flip them inside out and reuse them.

So, there you go. 10 ways you can go green at the office. Got any eco-friendly office tips we didn’t cover? Let us know!