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5 reasons to hire a corporate shuttle for your business

By February 8, 2022No Comments

Getting employees back in the office has been no easy feat. One sticking point for a lot of companies is the commute. Public transit and micromobility options may not be close to the office so you have to consider other creative options. One of those is the corporate shuttle.

Here are five benefits to hiring a corporate shuttle for your business.

1 – Increased productivity

Instead of relying on vehicles that have you focus on the road, a corporate shuttle service does the driving for you. Employees can check their email, relax, and prepare for a productive day in the office. They will feel ready for work and be in a much better state of mind than driving in rush hour traffic.

2 – Attract and retain the best employees

Hiring a corporate shuttle service can help your employees stay or join your company. Corporate shuttles give you distinctive advantages you can promote, including saving money on gas, tolls, and the maintenance of a vehicle. While others will promise a hectic commute, you can offer a meaningful benefit that can truly help employees live better lives.

3 – Corporate shuttles mean green commuting

Rather than having your employees drive themselves, help them reduce their carbon footprints with a corporate shuttle service. When you compare various types of group travel, the charter bus is the greenest one you can choose.

4 – Cost savings

Corporate shuttles also help businesses save money. Depending on your location, commuter benefits, state tax credits, or other programs may be available for offering the service to your employees. It can also be cheaper than paying out mileage or building parking lots.

5 – A great time for team building

Corporate shuttles help your employees meet new team members from different groups they don’t always work with. A shuttle service can offer a great time to network and helps your employees build ties to each other and your company, which helps with employee engagement.

Get corporate shuttle service

Edenred offers a corporate shuttle service through their partnership with BusUp. BusUp is the #1 commuter bus management platform in the European Union and has expanded into the United States.

Employers can access a back-end platform that hosts several features, including cost optimization, route management or sharing, selling empty seats, real-time data analytics, and more. There are also several benefits for employees, including the ability to make bookings and payments, find shuttle routes on a map, track bus location in real-time, check-in with a contactless boarding pass, and have access to 24/7 Customer Care.

If you’re looking for ways to help your employees get to work, offer corporate shuttle and Edenred can help. Book a meeting with us today so we can help you get started.