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Micromobility is a safe and easy way to commute

By August 4, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Improved safety in micromobility

E-bikes and scooters are great ways to travel. But users can be vulnerable to accidents because of insufficient infrastructure and distracted drivers.

Micromobility provider Lime is teaming up with Swarco, an Australian technology traffic company, to conduct a pilot project to increase user safety by reducing traffic accidents. The project involves micromobility vehicles at intersections that are controlled with traffic lights. The project is called “Intersection Risk Mitigation.” Swarco has traffic light algorithms optimized to make it safer for both micromobility riders and drivers.

Annie Chang, the director of safety programs at Lime, told SmartCitiesWorld that intersections are one of the main areas where cars and micromobility riders will have issues. Swarco will take anonymous Lime user data and analyze what potential solutions could create a safer situation for everyone. Some possibilities include adjusted crosswalk timing algorithms. The two companies will share the work with municipalities to see if changes can be made.

Lime and Edenred announced a partnership in January. Edenred clients have subsidized access to Lime’s vehicle offerings, which include electric bikes and scooters. They can use the same card they use to pay for transit or parking.

Improving micromobility rider safety is increasingly important, especially as commuters come back to the office. At least some commuters will be altering their traditional travel plans, and it is expected many will use micromobility solutions to get to work. Consulting company McKinsey is predicting considerable growth for micromobility in the future.

While the pandemic slowed micromobilty usage, several trends point to an increase. Those trends include a willingness of more people to use e-bikes and e-scooters, an increase in the average trip distance during COVID-19, and the decision to social distance rather than use public transportation for short trips.

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