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Edenred Benefits partners with Lime

By January 22, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Edenred Benefits launches a custom-designed commuter benefits program featuring Lime bikes and scooters, offering commuters more affordable, efficient, and sustainable choices in cities across the US

Edenred Benefits, the leading corporate mobility provider in the U.S., has launched a new mobility program to integrate traditional transit benefits with sustainable commuting options from Lime, the world’s leading operator of shared electric vehicles. Edenred’s clients can now offer their employees subsidized access to Lime’s e-bikes and e-scooters, with the same card used to pay for transit or parking.

The more than 10,000 employers using Edenred Benefits–with more than 10 million employees–can now incorporate a micromobility fund into employees’ commuter benefit accounts, encouraging more sustainable commuting options. While micromobility is not yet designated a pre-tax commuter benefit, as are transit and parking, employers can enable the new commuter options for their employees by setting aside direct funds for micromobility use.

The partnership between Edenred and Lime launches as commuters adapt their travel patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Electric bikes and scooters provide a socially-distant, open-air alternative to traditional transit as some commuters remain apprehensive about commuting in enclosed spaces, with close proximity to others.

Ed Fleischmann, CEO at Edenred Benefits, says: “Technology is enabling exciting new ways for people to move around and it is reshaping  traditional commuting. Our goal is to develop and deliver mobility solutions for employers that offer the most comprehensive access to affordable, efficient, and sustainable commuting choices for their employees. We are excited to provide together with Lime a flexible first and last mile connection to our participants that facilitates access to transit and helps the environment by lowering carbon emissions.”

Sam Sadle, Lime’s Senior Director of Government Relations for North America, says “We’re excited to join with Edenred Benefits to expand and further incentivize the use of shared electric vehicles. These types of innovative partnerships are the latest step toward changing commute patterns away from cars and toward more sustainable, efficient and affordable options. Millions of eligible users will now have improved access to Lime’s top-of-the-line e-bikes and scooters, helping to realize our shared vision of a multi-modal future in all major US cities, a future that prioritizes people over cars, with shared, electric and carbon-free transportation. “

Micromobility is experiencing a rapid increase in popularity as a complement to public transit. More people are looking for effective, safe and eco-friendly modes of transportation. These new commuting options can drastically reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, make streets safer for all users, and improve the health of millions of workers around the country.

Throughout the pandemic, cities have adapted to encourage more sustainable transportation options to relieve congestion and pollution. This new benefit from Edenred and partnership with Lime will help commuters take advantage of recent changes, including freshly-installed bike lanes and shared streets, while meeting their demand for more shared, affordable and safe options for trips around cities.

Time to Focus on Employees’ Needs

Expanding employers’ ability to support their employees’ commuting options, offers a higher level of engagement at a time when improving workplace satisfaction has never been more challenging. For employers bringing the workforce back to offices under the safest conditions, the additional micromobility options ensure that those concerns are reduced.

“Whether the daily commute starts on a train and ends with a shared bike, or if it’s on an e-scooter all the way, we got them covered. “ Ed Fleischmann adds.

The Edenred mobility program gives employees more freedom, flexibility and control. It also gives employers another valuable tool to show their appreciation to their staff. Beyond that, gives more employees access to transit services which, reduces car use and the emissions that negatively impact the environment.