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E-bikes are good for your health

By February 4, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

When you hear the term electric bicycle, do you think a healthy transportation alternative or something people who are lazy use to get around?

As micromobility grows in popularity and has shown to be a viable commuting option, e-bikes will play a significant role in getting people around in the future.

So are they healthy or not? The issue was examined by researchers from the University of Bristol’s Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, School of Policy Studies and the NIHR Bristol Biomedical Research Centre. Both are in the United Kingdom.

The study of e-bikes found there was “moderate evidence” e-cycling provided moderate intensity physical activity. It’s no surprise the study found that the intensity was lower than traditional cycling. However, it was more intense than walking, giving it a health benefit that many might not realize.

The study’s findings, coupled with other benefits, bode well for the future of e-bikes as a healthy option for transportation and commuting.

E-bikes are healthier for people than car commuting because of the moderate intensity riders exert when riding them. Researchers also said the data showed evidence that e-bikes improved cardiovascular respiratory fitness for people who were considered inactive.

E-bikes can help people who have “physical limitations” get more exercise, particularly if they want to commute without riding mass transit or in a car. And previous studies have shown people who ride e-bikes tend to go on longer trips, further helping the case they are suitable for commuting (and the environment).

Micromobility transportation like e-bikes is growing as a safe commuting alternative for people returning to their offices in 2021. And commuter benefits can help commuters save up to $270 per month tax-free from their paychecks to pay for commuting. If you’d like to learn more, check all eight different commuting solutions that are available now, with more on the way.