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4 Tips for Dealing With a Long Commute

By November 29, 2018January 13th, 2022No Comments

The impact of a long commute can be scary. People with longer commutes can suffer physical ailments like headaches, backaches, fatigue and concentration issues. Then there are the mental and emotional impacts like depression and mental exhaustion.

Long commutes can lead to relationship problems and even a poor performance at work. If you are dealing with a long commute, it can make life difficult.

Long commutes leave little time for a life. But just because you have a long commute doesn’t mean you should sacrifice.

Here is a list of 4 suggestions that might counter the impact of a long commute and make life a little more enjoyable. We realize some ideas might not fit everyone’s budget. But it’s worth trying something new to keep you energized and refreshed.

1 – Eat healthy

If you eat fast food all the time to compensate for having little time to cook, think about food prepping at least 2-3 healthy meals over the weekend. You can even prep two servings of the meals to make it a little easier. An hour or two prepping meals that can be cooked and refrigerated, or cooked when you get home, can get eating healthy to start the week.

2 – Exercise

Commit to working out. We know it’s tough, but a new study has shown doing weight training for as little as three days per week at 13 minutes per session has a positive impact on strength. The benefits of exercise are limitless and will do both bodies and mind good.

3 – Have a social life

You’re working hard and commuting long, but you owe it to yourself to get out and see your friends and family. Though the day can be long, try to meet up with people during the week to break up the monotony. And by all means, have fun on the weekends.

Also, when you’re stuck in a long commute, it can be easy to turn down requests from friends during the week. Those spontaneous meetups might be the best thing for you.

4 – Pursue remote work opportunities

You don’t have to leave your job to request a remote or flex time opportunity. If you can get permission to work from home on a Friday, for example, that can open up your week to eat better, workout, meet up with friends, etc. Companies are becoming increasingly open to remote work situations so don’t be afraid to ask for it if it is a possibility.

If you are commuting, you probably have commuter benefits to help save you money for all the healthy food you’re going to prep. And since gym memberships aren’t cheap, if your company does not offer the program, tell your boss you’d like to start saving up to 40 percent in your commuting costs now.

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