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Which Commuter Benefits Program is the Best Fit

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From company to company and city to city, the way employees commute and how commuter benefits are managed, change. That’s why we offer options and the ability to customize our commuter benefit programs.

We make sure the program you select is the right fit for your company based on employee size; traffic, parking, bicycling and transit infrastructure; and the resource time you have to manage the program. Having the right program helps you maximize participation, savings and convenience. 

The following sets of questions will help match your company with the right commuter benefit for you.

For Startups and Small Business with UNDER 50 Employees

  • Do your employees take public transportation, commute by bicycle, ride vanpools or pay for parking as part of their commute?
  • Would you like to provide benefit products like passes, vouchers and prepaid cards for transit, bicycling, parking and vanpool directly to your employees?

Best Fit:  My Commuter Check or Commuter Check Office

For Medium to Large-Size Business with MORE Than 50 Employees?

  • Do your employees take public transportation, commute by bicycle, ride vanpools or pay for parking as part of their commute?
  • Would you prefer to provide your employees with the choice and flexibility of managing their own benefits, and have passes, vouchers and, prepaid and reloadable cards for transit and parking, delivered to your employees?
  • Will you require additional IT and Admin support to manage commuter benefits?

Best Fit: Commuter Check Direct 

Questions for Companies interested in learning more about the commuter benefits:

  • Do you need a program that offers a wide range of products, with themes and layouts that are customizable?
  • Should the program include address verification and USPS order tracking?
  • Should it have auto personalization for location, ordering patterns and other data?
  • What about a self-guided ordering process with few clicks per order?
  • And how about self-service customer support?

Best Fit:  Commuter Benefit Solutions 

Want to learn more about Commuter Benefits?

Since 1985, we’ve provided commuter benefit programs that combine quality, efficiency and full compliance with IRS regulations. Our expertise is based on our experience developing platforms and providing support for small businesses, national corporations and government agencies. If you’d like to evaluate your current program or implement a new one, we’re here to help.

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