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Hartford Now Offers Free Roadside Assistance For Bicyclists

By July 14, 2017January 13th, 2022No Comments

BikeMaintenance.jpgIf you bike commute in downtown Hartford, Connecticut, you’re in luck! The Hartford Business Improvement District is now offering free roadside assistance to bicyclists in downtown Hartford. Learn all about this awesome program and how it’s helping Hartford bike commuters.

Now, Hartford bike commuters don’t have to worry about getting stranded while biking to or from the office. Thanks to the Hartford Business Improvement District’s free roadside assistance program.

This program is truly great for Hartford bicyclists and as it turns out, a first-of-its-kind. According to Streetsblog USA, Hartford “appears to be the first business district in the United States to offer it – for free, seven days a week.”

Streetsblog USA explains that the goal of this program “is to encourage more people to get to work by bike by giving them peace of mind about any mechanical problems that might threaten to derail their commute.”

Anyone riding a bike within the 55-block area of downtown Hartford is eligible for assistance if needed. Riders just need to call (860) 331-4646, and the Harvard Business Improvement District will send one of its six ambassadors to the rescue. Assistance is available Monday – Saturday 6:00am – 11pm and 6:00am – 8pm on Sundays.  

Some of the things these helpful ambassadors can assist Hartford bicyclists with include:

  • Fixing or inflating a flat tire
  • Reattaching a slipped chain
  • Tightening up loose bolts

Happy Bike Commuting!