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5 reasons for adding meal benefits to your benefits package

By March 22, 2022No Comments

Are you looking for a benefit to help get your employees back to the office? Meal benefits are the way to go as more and more companies are updating their return to office plans.

It’s no secret employees like food in the office and it’s a benefit that many have missed during the time they’ve worked at home. Whether your employees are working in the office or remotely, food is often an important part of a company’s culture. It can help employees get engaged in their jobs and connected to a company. Food can also help ensure employees remain healthy and productive, among many other areas.

To help entice employees to report to the office or help them lead better lives, here are five reasons why meal perks should be added to your benefits package.

1 – Employees feel appreciated

GrubHub conducted a survey a few years ago to find out about the power of food in the workplace. It found that 57 percent of the employees who responded said food perks made them feel more appreciated and valued in the workplace.

2 – Food is important to the company culture

A Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 76 percent of employees said they missed “eating and socializing” with colleagues when their offices were shut down due to Covid.

3 – Employees are more productive when they eat

If you haven’t called your employees back to the office yet, the next best thing is to offer them a way to eat. Door Dash found that 75 percent of the people it surveyed said food rewards would make them more productive. By providing a food option for them, you’re making it more likely for your employees to take a full lunch or dinner break.

4 – Remote employees are not eating healthy

The International Food Information Council surveyed remote workers to see how they ate during the pandemic. They found that 27 percent of workers were snacking more at home, and 15 percent were eating more than usual. To make matters worse, 42 percent said they were eating more pre-packaged foods despite the fact it was not good for their health. That type of eating could lead to serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and others.

With meal perks, employees can use it to purchase food from grocery stores or foods with healthy menus. They can stock up on anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting foods. Instead of buying pizza and donuts, it’s better to have employees eat foods like fruits and drink water for more energy, so they don’t crash. Mental clarity can be essential for some jobs. Meal perks can help your employees find the right foods to help them in these areas.

5 – Attract and retain the best talent

Food benefits can help you stand out from the rest, especially during the tight labor market many companies are experiencing now. About 20 percent of employees who responded to a survey said they would rank the food service as the top benefit an employer could get. In fact, having daily free food for your team stacks up favorably to other benefits employees want. Those benefits include improved health insurance, reduced health insurance costs, more paid time off, and transportation stipends.

Door Dash found that three in five workers do not receive food service even though it is in such demand.

Get meal perks for employees

A meal allowance program such Ticket Restaurant is the way to go when companies are seeking out meal perks for employees. It is a no-hassle, low-cost benefit that is easy to use for employees and employers. Employees use prepaid cards, which they can be spend at restaurants, food delivery apps, and grocery stores. Companies have complete control over how much can be spent and what food choices are eligible for employees. Employees can order food or get groceries at any time.

Ticket Restaurant makes it easy for you to give your employees a benefit they truly want and an important part of any company, whether working in the office or remote.

We want to help you add meal perks to your benefits package. Schedule a meeting with us today.