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How to design a beneficial wellness program for your business

By February 24, 2022No Comments

Wellness programs are proven to have financial and physical benefits for employees and the businesses that offer them. However, to get the most out of a wellness program, there are several areas companies must focus on to drive employee buy-in.

It’s important for businesses to commit to a wellness program. Employees are not as likely to accept a one-off or series of events that are not true wellness programs. You want to have a program designed to promote a healthy lifestyle daily.

A wellness program also needs commitment from the top. Are company leaders signing onto the plan? Are they ready to help promote it? Leaders should make sure the program’s goals fit into the company’s overall vision and mission.

Get employee input

To that end, businesses can’t pick and choose a few programs to offer and hope employees want it. Employees should have a say on what programs are offered and give feedback to ensure the plan is working to its full potential. Surveys or committees are two popular ways to get employee input. You never know what you may find as your employees may want yoga instead of a gym membership.

Wellness programs must offer something for everyone on staff. The program must comply with all laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is also important to know how to measure its success and effectiveness and know what baseline data you want to measure initially, like employee signups vs. employee usage.

Excellent communication is essential. Some workers begin by targeting specific groups within the organization, while others use promotional campaigns to reach across the company. Some companies go as far as using motivational incentives.

Designing the right program

Edenred can help you design the perfect wellness program for your business. Edenred’s Lifestyle Spending Accounts offer a customized set of diverse options for your employees. We can help you no matter your company’s work status, including hybrid, work-from-home, or office-only. Lifestyle Spending Accounts are also easy to manage.

Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Physical wellness
  • Health programs
  • Weight management
  • And more

If you’re looking to design a wellness program for your employees, Lifestyle Spending Accounts are a great way to do it. Book a meeting with us so we can help you get started.