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Getting around college campuses is now easier with micromobility transportation

By February 10, 2022No Comments

If you stepped foot on a college campus in the past couple of years, you may have noticed micromobility vehicles all around. As the demand continues to grow for commuting and recreational trips, the same is happening on college campuses.

Micromobility vehicles like e-scooters and e-bikes fit a niche as students need to get to and from class, and that’s not always easy. Not every student has a car, and parking can be a premium on campuses.

Schools and micromobility companies partner up

Some e-scooter companies like Lime and Spin partner with colleges to offer programs on campuses for a safe riding experience. Riders are taught safety, parking etiquette, and driving overviews. They also host safety events on campus. Similar to what they do in cities, e-scooter companies will set up parking stations to reduce clutter and keep the vehicles separate from cars.

While not every college has a micromobility initiative, many do. Some examples include:

  • The University of Colorado and the city of Boulder launched an e-scooter pilot program in the fall.
  • The University of Alabama has launched a program for 300 e-bikes on campus.
  • The University of Texas at Arlington recently started a program with 250 e-bikes on campus available for students.

Micromobility research

Researchers are interested in how micromobility vehicles are used on campuses, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. Virginia Tech and Michigan State University are collecting real-time data so researchers can see how e-scooters are used on those campuses.

The information researchers collect will allow them to view the location, video footage, and the speed of when a rider encounters trouble. The data is collected and analyzed with micromobility companies Spin and Gotcha to improve safety.

Traditional bikes are still popular too

Campuses are not only full of e-bikes and e-scooters. Traditional bikes are still as popular as ever. Bikesharing is still a popular choice for many colleges, making it even easier for students to use a micromobility vehicle to get around. Colleges are quick to point out they want students to have a lot of options for micromobility transportation.

If you’re interested in adding micromobility transportation to your college campus, Edenred can help. Book a meeting with us today to see what we can do for you.