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What’s new in commuter benefits and micromobility legislation

By October 26, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Top government proposals for commuters who bike to work

Wouldn’t it be great to get commuter benefits for biking to work? Depending on what happens in the federal government, that might soon be a reality. Commuter benefits for cyclists are just one of several proposed laws that could have a major impact on commuters in the coming year.

Here’s a roundup of commuter benefits and micromobility proposals with the potential of becoming laws.

Get ready. Get set. Now bike to work

Before December 2017, people who rode bikes to work were eligible for commuter benefits if their employer offered them. However, they were cut out when Congress passed tax cuts that year.

The Bicycle Commuter Act is being proposed, offering commuters up to $81 per month to commute. If passed, it could be worth $1,000 a year in pre-tax benefits to bicycle commuters. This piece of legislation would include bikeshare and e-bikes. People can also use the benefits for biking and other forms of commuting like the subway.

Billions in tax credits for a new e-bike

Democrats in the House of Representatives have proposed a $7.4 billion measure that would give people who purchase e-bikes a tax credit to fight climate change. If this tax credit were to be passed, it could be an advantage for the micromobility industry as the affordability of e-bikes would increase. Many see e-bikes as a promising alternative to the car, especially for trips around a city.

Lock your e-scooter in DC. It’s the law

Some new legislation has already been passed. Washington, DC has joined San Francisco and Minnesota in mandating that e-scooter riders lock their scooters to something like a bike rack or street post in the city. The theory behind the law is that a locked scooter won’t become an obstacle for pedestrians on a sidewalk or block wheelchairs.

While some see its value, others feel the city should focus on the dangers cars cause pedestrians in the city.

With new legislation coming, would commuter benefits and/or micromobility be a good fit for you and your employees? If so, let’s book a meeting so we can help find the best option for you.