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The best cities to live without a car

By August 24, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Ditch your car to live in these cities

Have you ever wanted to live a car-free life? Whether it’s climate change, COVID-19 or the cost of having a car, many people want to give up their wheels. But no car means finding a city that allows people to get around with as little hassle as possible.

LawnStarter, the lawn scheduling service, reviewed the largest 150 cities in the United States to see which ones were the best and worst for living without a car. The study considered how many people walk and bike to work. Other commuting options were ranked along with safety issues and the weather.

Here’s a look at some of LawnStarter’s findings:

San Francisco is #1

San Francisco is the best place to live without a car, according to LawnStarter. San Francisco was one of four west coast cities to make the top five on the list.

Like any city, San Francisco has its pros and cons for living a car-free life. It has great climate and plenty of options if you want to commute to work. It also has several different commuter benefits laws that mandate employers to provide tax-free incentives for employees who commute to work. What the area did not score high on was safety, ranking 81st out of 150 cities.

The West Coast has some great options

San Francisco wasn’t the only West Coast city to rank high on the list. Other cities include Portland (2), Oakland (7), and Seattle (10). Though not an official West Coast city, Honolulu is ranked #6. Those cities all featured high scores for climate, walking, and biking while also providing several options for commuters.

No car is needed in the northeast

Boston, Washington, D.C, Jersey City, New York City, and Providence scored in the Top 25. Those cities feature transit options along with a high percentage of commuters who walk and bike to work. The climate makes these cities a little less desirable if you want to live without a car.

If you want to live without a car, commuter benefits can help you find other ways to commute. Employers who offer them allow their workers to save $270 per month tax-free. The money is used to pay for transit, rideshares, and qualified parking.

If you’d like more information, book a meeting with us so we can help you find the best commuting option for you.