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Ticket Restaurant gives your employees the nutrition they need

By July 6, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Enhance your benefits package with meal perks

You can give your employees gym memberships, mental wellness programs, and the financial advice they need, but it may not be enough to make them healthy and productive. That’s because poor eating was linked to a 66 percent drop in productivity, according to one study. Without proper nutrition, your employees may not be optimized for a healthy and productive life.

One way to counter that is by helping your employees make better meal choices. You can easily do that by providing a prepaid meal card like Ticket Restaurant. Ticket Restaurant allows your employees to have a monthly meal allowance that can be used in local restaurants, food-delivery apps, and grocery stores.

Meal benefits for your employees

It’s like a virtual cafeteria during working hours. Your employees get flexible dining options, so they choose where and what they want to eat as long as the prepaid card is accepted. Ticket Restaurant also offers you a way to promote good health for your employees beyond your wellness program. Your workers are less likely to skip meals with dining options at their fingertips.

Full company control

While your employees enjoy using Ticket Restaurant, you’ll have complete control over the program. For example, employees can use the card for targeted spending on food. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager to provide whatever service you need and a secure online account that helps disperse balances automatically. Ticket Restaurant can also help you with employee engagement. It’s a great tool to recruit employees while also creating more loyalty with your current staff.

If you want a hassle-free, low-cost benefit that’s sure to be a hit with employees, Ticket Restaurant is the right benefit for you. Contact us for more information.