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Companies are offering incentives to get workers back to the office

By July 22, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

Incentives like Ticket Restaurant is becoming a “return to office” benefit

What will employers do to get people back to the office? Turns out, a lot. Companies are offering a host of benefits to lure employees them back to the office. This is becoming more common as more people are getting vaccinated and COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted.

Here is a look at some of the incentives:

1 – Childcare

For the past year, parents have been balancing work, remote school learning, and regular childcare. But for them to go back to the office, employees are looking for help from their employers. Some employers are offering to pay for childcare costs, subsidies and, others are even offering to pay for in-home care.

2 – Bonuses

Your employer may be willing to pay you to go back to work. Some companies have decided to offer bonus payments to employees to convince them.

3 – Flexibility

At many companies, the days of rigid schedules are over. People are looking to work flex shifts, where people work non-traditional hours. Remote work is here to stay and companies are especially keen on listening to employees’ needs like having to leave early.

4 – Free meals

Whether it’s ordering lunch for the office or giving stipends to employees, businesses are using food to help them encourage employees to come back to the office. Some businesses are going as far as ordering two meals a day, so employees don’t have to go out to a restaurant.

A great incentive for your employees is to offer them Ticket Restaurant. Ticket Restaurant is a monthly meal allowance that provides your employees with a prepaid card to use towards restaurants, grocery stores, and food-delivery apps. Ticket Restaurant gives your employees flexible and nutritious dining options while they work. It’s a great way to reward your employees and help increase employee engagement.

If you are looking for an incentive to help your employees get comfortable with the idea of coming back to the office, schedule a meeting with us so you can everything you need to know about Ticket Restaurant.