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Self-care on a budget

By June 17, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

3 tips on how to treat yourself while on a budget

You’ve seen photos on social media. Influencers, celebrities, and even your own friends are treating themselves to some self-care activities at a posh spa or retreat. You want that peaceful feeling, but you don’t have the budget. If you don’t have the budget to duplicate what they do, that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a perfectly fine self-care experience on a budget.

Here are three tips to help you take that self-care day.

1 – Go out into nature

Summer is near, and there’s no excuse not to go out into nature and breathe some fresh air. Nature has a number of benefits that definitely will make you feel good.

A Japanese researcher found that a 40-minute walk in the forest lowers your cortisol levels and blood pressure. It also helps your immune system. Another researcher from Japan found that trees and plants emit compounds that give us therapeutic benefits when we inhale outside.

2 – Set boundaries

Self-care doesn’t have to be about finding activities. Something as simple as saying “no” and setting better boundaries can do a lot for your body and mind. Besides, setting boundaries is something that can help you every day of your life.

There are many ways to set boundaries with family, friends, co-workers, and other people you interact with on a regular basis. What’s key is to really figure out what you want, how you feel, and know what limits will improve your life. This helps you lose guilt about saying “no” to someone else and start putting the spotlight on you. If you do this correctly, you should eventually find yourself feeling less anxious and having more energy.

3 – Save money

Reducing stress is important. One way to do that is to get your finances under control if they are giving you problems right now. It’s good to set a budget and stick to it, even though that can be hard to do sometimes. Only purchase the things you really need. Don’t buy things on a whim, no matter how great of a deal it is.

You should also look for opportunities to save. Edenred Benefits offers an array of solutions such Lifestyle Spending Accounts. The Lifestyle Spending Account makes it easy for you to participate in self-care programs. Your employer can easily dedicate funds and manage costs toward self-care.

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