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4 tips to help employers welcome staff back to the office

By January 12, 2021January 13th, 2022No Comments

When it comes to reopening a business or company office, one thing is for sure: a safe opening is definitely on employees’ minds. About 50 percent of the people surveyed by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research were concerned they’d be asked to go back before it’s safe.

Social distancing and hand sanitizer are essential when opening an office. We put together five other tips that will help you ensure your employees feel safe and your office is productive when you open.

  1. 1. Employees first
    All of your employees will have had different experiences since the last time they worked in your office. Make sure you have support available to help with the additional stress and anxiety that many are feeling right now around the world.
  2. 2. Leadership
    Get ready to be more open and transparent with your team than ever before. Employees will want to hear from you often. You should have a COVID-19 plan to share with them upon return and regular updates after that.
  3. 3. Consider a phased approach
    There are many ways to reopen, including bringing back a few employees or taking the process in small steps. Start by letting your employees know you are getting ready to reopen. Then you can begin the process of readying your office and testing out what works for you.
  4. 4. Help employees with commuter benefits
    Don’t forget your employees will be commuting again. And their commute could look a whole lot different. Many of them may not want to take mass transit, so they’ll be looking to drive or try micromobility options like e-scooters.

You can help them save money by offering commuter benefits. Commuter benefits allow them to save up to $270 per month tax-free in their paychecks to pay for commuting costs.

We offer eight commuting options to help your employees, including micromobility vehicles. We also have more coming in 2021.

Meanwhile, your business will save too as payroll taxes decrease for each employee who participates. The average savings is about $40 per participating employee per month.

For more information on commuter benefits, schedule a 15 minute call with a member of our team.