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Is Now the Time to Create More Sustainable and Inclusive Commuting?

By November 2, 2020January 13th, 2022No Comments

During lockdowns, the commuting world was different from what we experienced in our daily lives before. Our air was cleaner as fewer cars, and other vehicles were used to travel to work. Some people who lived in cities decided that urban centers were not ideal for them to live anymore. Most likely, many of them could work remotely. And yet many commuters needed safe and reliable transportation because they had to go to work.

So with people starting to commute again, what can commuters, employers and governments do to change commuting for the better? Here are a few ideas.

Inclusive and dignified commuting

It’s not only essential to have public transit, but transportation systems need to work for everyone. Riders shouldn’t face poor riding conditions. Every rider deserves a safe and reliable commute.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to recognize that not everyone has a car and can quickly get to work. Plans that focus heavily on cars leave out large groups of people.

Commuter benefits should be mandatory

While some municipalities and one state (New Jersey) have commuter benefits law, not all do right now. But employers can help their employees if they introduce commuter benefits.

Commuter benefits allow commuters to save up to $270 tax-free each month for use on public transit, rideshares, shared mobility transportation or qualified parking. Employers save about $41 per month for each employee who enrolls in a commuter benefits program. A company with 50 employees can save $24,000 annually.

If you want to learn about commuter benefits, check this blog post: How Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits Work

Shared mobility

Commuting needs are changing. To help companies adjust, Edenred Benefits added new shared mobility options integrated into one commuter benefits. Along with traditional pre-tax options like public transit and parking, employees can take advantage off all these options:

  • Biking
  • Bike Sharing
  • Scooter Rentals
  • Corporate Shuttle Service
  • Private Lyft rides

Offering sustainable and inclusive transportation options makes returning to work safer and demonstrates how companies care for employees. In addition, this initiative promotes an increase in retention and attraction of top talents.

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