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4 Ways to Ease the Commute

By August 28, 2019January 13th, 2022No Comments

Companies can play an important role in helping their employees with the commute. The extra investment can pay off by having happy and engaged employees while increasing productivity.

Here are four ways companies can help employees with the commute.

Stagger start times

Staggered start times might not solve your city’s local rush-hour traffic problem, but it could help employees deal commuting at peak times.

Companies can set the typical workday schedule, so it avoids rush hour.  A similar option is to provide flexible hours for employees, allowing them to come in and leave at times that are convenient to them.

Commuter Benefits

Give employees a way to save on their commute while encouraging public transportation usage. You can do this by offering commuter benefits, which allow employees to save $265 per month tax-free for commuting costs.

The savings are applied to the cost of public transit trips, rideshares, or qualified parking costs. Commuter benefits are one area where you can directly impact an employee’s life because they can save up to 40 percent of the cost of their commutes.

As a business, you’ll save too. Businesses save $41 per month per employee who is enrolled in commuter benefits. The savings come in the form of lesser payroll taxes since employees are setting money aside in paychecks tax-free. If you have 50 employees participate for one year, the savings can top $24,000 annually. With 75 employees, you can save $36,000.

Provide shuttles

Some companies use a shuttle bus system that picks up employees at commuter stops and buses them straight to work.

Remote work

Cut the commute down for your employees with remote working. While an employee doesn’t have to work from home every day, allowing them to work as little as one day a week from home will help reduce some of the stress of a long and difficult commute.

Would you like to learn more about commuter benefits to ease the commute for your employees? Download the guide below.

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