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How To Stay Cool On The Summer Commute

By June 14, 2019January 13th, 2022No Comments

A few years ago, we posted a popular survival guide on staying cool while commuting in hot weather. Those tips still hold true, but we are overdue for an update. So here are new ways you might not have thought about to help you beat the heat while commuting in the summer.


Cotton and light colors are popular choices when it comes to summer. Anything artificial, like polyester, is good to avoid. One type of clothing that works great in the summer is double gauze.

Popular in Japan because of the humid and hot summers, double gauze clothing is made up of two layers of gauze fabric stacked together. It’s breathable and will wick away moisture. There are shirts available for men and dresses and other clothing for women.

Avoid caffeine

Many of us enjoy a good jolt of caffeine in the morning to start our day. And some of us love an occasional soda at lunch. But if you ever wanted to quit drinking coffee or kick your soda habit, then summer is a great time to do it. Caffeine can make you dehydrated, so it’s not the best time to grab a coffee on your way to work.

Get more vitamin C

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Alabama found that you can increase your tolerance for heat by taking vitamin C. According to the study, vitamin C delays sweat gland fatigue.

When that happens, it reduces heat exhaustion and heat rash. Drink your orange juice. Take a vitamin C supplement. Eat kiwis and strawberries. Do whatever you have to do to get vitamin C as even small doses are known to help with the heat.

Stay cool and save money

And while you are commuting, remember to always carry a water bottle and save with commuter benefits.

Commuter benefits allow commuters to set aside funds through this pre-tax program, saving them up to $700 annually. Qualified commuting expenses include subways, buses, ferries, rideshares, among other ways to get to work. The maximum a commuter can set aside for transit pre-tax is $265 per month.

Since employees are saving the money, payroll taxes are reduced for the employer. And the savings ramp up based on each employee who takes advantage of the plan.

If you want to learn more about commuter benefits, download the 101 Guide below:

Download the Commuter Benefits 101 Guide