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3 Tips for Staying Warm on Cold Commuting Days

By February 13, 2019January 13th, 2022No Comments

Commuting in the winter when you live in states that see harsh winters is rough. Even though you are saving on commuting costs with commuter benefits, freezing is no fun.

You need to leave earlier than normal because everyone is clogging up the subway and bus stops are crowded. But the walk to the transit stop is dreadful, so here are some ways to stay warm on those cold commuting days. 

1 – Layers (and more layers)

Invest in sweaters, vests and other layers you can wear under a comfy (and warm) winter coat. There’s nothing worse than wind piercing through your body as you walk straight into it to get to your commuting stop.

2 – Insulated boots

Warm boots are a necessity. While it’s nice to splurge on eye-catching shoes or sneakers, you will need a warm pair of boats to handle the coming winter. Warm, insulated boots keep toes warm, feet dry and you feel good about the workday ahead. Fleece or wool socks make for happy feet, too.

3 –  Hand and foot warmers (seriously).

A box of hand warmers can cost you between $14-40 on Amazon, and you really should think about it. People that grew up in the northeast will testify to what those little packages can do for you when tucking a pair in your gloves or mittens.

A smart way to pay for your new winter item

Want to know how you can pay for your new winter items? How about with the savings you get on commuting costs with commuter benefits. Commuter benefits can help you save up to 40 percent on commuting costs. They help your employer save money too.

If you want commuter benefits, let us talk to your employer.

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