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4 Tips to Save Home Energy during Spring and Summer

By May 10, 2018January 13th, 2022No Comments

Winter. Glad that’s over. Now it’s all about warmer weather, greener trees, lighter clothes and longer days. It also means changes in your home’s energy use and potentially higher bills.

While we’re happy to help employees save money on their commute with commuter benefits, we’d also like to share these ideas and tips, to lower bills and conserve energy at home.

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1 – Get an A/C tune-up
If you have central air conditioning, getting a professional
tune-up helps ensure it runs efficiently all season long, prevent minor problems from becoming costlier breakdowns down the road, and improve your overall indoor comfort.

For window a/c units, clean or replace filters, clean the coils and straighten the fins at least once a year.

2 – Get smart about your thermostat
45% of a home’s energy goes to heating and cooling with a lot of it going to unused spaces and when the home is unoccupied. Programmable smart thermostats can help cut some of those costs but more importantly, keeping it set a little warmer than usual, even warmer when you’re away, and making good use of ceiling fans, can help you save even more.  

3 – Inspect your insulation
Good insulation helps keep warm air in during the winter months and cold air in during the summer, which means less work for your heating and a/c. Attics, ceiling, air ducts and basements should be fully
insulated and inspected every year, or after any major home repairs or remodeling projects.

4 – Plant trees
Planting trees around your home can provide shade during the summer, and when the leaves fall during the winter, allow the sun to provide warmth. You can cut your air conditioning costs by 35% and adding a tree, of course, is great for the environment.   

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