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Green Living

Going Green at Home, at Work and on the Commute

By November 30, 2017January 13th, 2022No Comments


Twenty-million people across the country gathered on the first Earth Day in 1970 to bring awareness to environmental problems around the world. It was a breakthrough moment in our cultural history and today, sustainability and green living has become a more important part of our daily lives.

We recycle at home, choose between paper and plastic when shopping, eat more organic, and purchase products and services from businesses that promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

Many companies have also made the environment an important business priority. Positions and teams dedicated to implementing sustainability programs have provided insight and data to improve standards in reducing an organization’s carbon footprint. Many of today’s offices have been designed for energy efficiency and clean environmental practices. Office building are constructed with sustainable building materials. Workspaces are designed to make the most energy-efficient use of natural lighting. Other trends include upgrading to energy efficient office equipment, organized community volunteerism and decorating spaces throughout offices with living plants to improve air quality

Where employers and employees come together for a better environment is through the use of commuter benefits programs. Employees who decide to use public transportation as a commuting option are among those who are helping to reduce carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons a year. Employers who offer commuter benefits encourage and reward those who make this choice. And with a benefit that also covers parking costs for those who have to pay for it at their nearest park-and-rides, it means more savings, more transit riders and better news for the environment. One commuter who makes the choice to take transit instead of driving the whole way reduces carbon emissions by 10 percent by household.

If you have yet to start a commuter benefits program at your organization or would like to review a customized program that could increase participation and savings for your organization, contact us today.