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Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions

10. We have more than 4,400 Commuter Benefit products.

9. We partner with 460+ transit agencies nationwide in both major and minor metropolitan areas.

8. Our Transit Terminal Database ensures debit card funds are only spent on commuting-related purchases.

7. We issue nearly $.5 billion in commuter products each year.

6. We process all of our orders in-house, which means, no middlemen.

5. Our bike shop affiliate network is at least 650+ and growing daily.

4. We work with 2,000 different parking providers nationwide.

3. We are the nation’s only one-stop shop, offering companies several Commuter Benefit packages.

2. Even some of our “competitors” are customers.

1. Our company name isn't Commuter Benefit Solutions for nothing! We are the Commuter Benefit specialists!

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