When you work with us, you’re not just a customer, you’re a valued partner. We work together as a team…like…peas and carrots…Abbott and Costello. We work in the trenches and dig deep to understand your company’s commuting needs and customize a commuter benefits program that is a perfect fit.

How It Works

Commuter benefits save both your company and your employees some serious bucks. Based on current legislation, your company can offer commuter benefits in the form of:

  • A tax-free employer-paid subsidy
  • A pre-tax employee-paid payroll deduction
  • A combination of both

How You Save

Commuter benefits are considered tax-free benefits, not employee wages, so your company can save on average 7.65% on payroll taxes.

How Your Employees Save

Employees who participate in your commuter benefits program don’t have to pay income taxes on the money they set aside for their commuting costs, saving up to a whopping 40% on their commuting expenses.

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