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Commuter Benefits

2023 Pre-Tax Limits Increased to $300/month

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Employee engagement is top of mind for today’s benefit administrators. No one wants an unengaged team — it’s less profitable for the company, and employee turnover can be extremely high. Offering a commuter benefit will boost employee loyalty, attract new talent and save your company money.

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Commuter benefits help you pay for your commute to and from work using pretax dollars, which saves you money on your taxes each year. You can use commuter benefits for transit, rideshares and qualified paid parking.

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Does Your City Mandate a Commuter Benefit?

Offering a commuter benefits program is legally required in a growing number of locations. We have the resources you need to be compliant and deliver a great benefit to your employees. The following cities or regions have an ordinance in place: Seattle, New York City, Washington, DC, Berkeley and Richmond, San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey. And coming soon to Los Angeles.

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You're in Good Company with Edenred Commuter Benefits

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