Mandatory Commuter Benefit Ordinances

Many cities and regions have recently passed mandatory commuter benefit ordinances. These ordinances require businesses with a certain number of employees to offer pre-tax commuter benefit programs. Find out if your city or region has one in place and learn how we can help you comply.

What companies can do to comply

Typically the employer can offer the commuter benefits program in 1 of 3 ways:

A. A pre-tax benefit – This option saves employees income taxes, while saving employers payroll taxes.

B. A commuter subsidy of a minimum amount – The employer gives employees a certain dollar amount each month to help cover commuter expenses, (I.e., transit or vanpools).

C. An employer-provided shuttle service – The employer provides free shuttle service to and from the workplace.

Current Mandatory Commuter Benefit Ordinances

The following commuter benefit ordinances have been put into effect. Click on the ordinance below to learn more and see how we can help your company can comply.

San Francisco Bay Area – Reg 14 Rule 1 or “The Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program”

San Francisco City and County; Berkeley, CA; Richmond, CA, and the San Francisco International Airport

Washington D.C. – “The Transit Benefits Requirement Act”

New York City – Intro 295-A or “The Affordable Transit Act”